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Indulging a Seasonal Guilty Pleasure – The McRib


Oh yeah. The McRib is back baby. And I’m having one RIGHT NOW.

I have very few guilty pleasures… Desperate HousewivesMillionaire Matchmaker. Vodka. But the McRib is near the top of the list. Honestly, I don’t know how I resisted this long. I’ve been busy I guess – lots going on.  

To help emphasize what a big deal this is, I normally stick to about 300-400 calories for lunch. Period.  Usually sushi, or a rice bowl with a diet soda, water or some other lowcal beverage (the beverages kill you).  But today – oh today – I’m indulging in a full 880 calories.

  • McRib: 500 calories*
  • Medium Fries: 380 Calories*
  • Diet Dr. Pepper: 0 Calories

That’s 1/2 the calories I allow myself per day (trying to lose weight responsibly).  But oh so worth it.  The tangy sauce. The scattered onions. The meat patty with bone imprint but no bones.  Da-lish!  No moral lesson here. Just me raving about the McRib.  Yum!

*McDonald’s nutrition information.