What the heck?

So Microsoft’s new ad campaign for Vista launched… here’s the video:

Their ad agency says: Today, we are kicking off a highly visible advertising campaign. The first phase of this campaign is designed to engage consumers and spark a new conversation about Windows – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always be marked by humor and humanity. The first in this series […] aims to re-ignite consumer excitement about the broader value of Windows.

I say “WTF?”  I suppose if the conversation they want to start is “what the hell does that ad have to do with Windows or Vista?” they’ve accomplished their goals.  Rumored the ads are coming from Crispin Porter, which surprises me.  If this is how MS plans to kill Apple, Steve Jobs must feel a lot like Barak Obama after hearing McCain picked Palin.  “We can deal with this.”

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