Demystifying (My) Lipomas

Since I was diagnosed with lipomas in the fall of 2010, I’ve had to make some major lifestyle changes in things like hair care products and, most drastically, foods I can eat. Every once in a while a question comes up i.e. “Why aren’t you having any edamame? You love the stuff!” or “Why can’t […]

My Perfect 4-Hour Body Lunch from Rubio’s

I love, love, love Rubio’s. Seriously. Fanboy of this food. And it really kills me that most of the menu isn’t allowed on my diet. Tortillas? Nope. Not even corn. Cheese? No way. Fried fish? Definitely out. While I will cheat and get the Original Fish Tacos on occasion, I have been pretty good at […]

Indulging a Seasonal Guilty Pleasure – The McRib

Oh yeah. The McRib is back baby. And I’m having one RIGHT NOW. I have very few guilty pleasures… Desperate Housewives. Millionaire Matchmaker. Vodka. But the McRib is near the top of the list. Honestly, I don’t know how I resisted this long. I’ve been busy I guess – lots going on.  To help emphasize what a […]