A Lost Opportunity to Demonstrate Brand Personality

I order a lot from Amazon. A LOT. I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber so I don’t hesitate to order 1 tube of toothpaste on Monday and a roll of tape on Thursday and have them all shipped 2nd-day air to me. ¬†Most days, Amazon exceeds my expectations. 2-day shipments often come in 1 day. I […]

My Cloud Storage Solution(s) Could Work For You

I’ve talked a lot about my cloud storage. I don’t use a ton of it, but I do seem to be acquiring it. I thought it would be easiest to post a list of what I use – as well as links for you to sign up (and referral links that benefit BOTH of us). […]

iOS5 Showdown: Kindle vs. iBooks

As I continue to examine the impact the changes to iOS5 will have on my behavior with my iPhone and iPad, I’m going to do it in the form of the app I use today and the new app Apple would apparently like me to replace it with.  Second up: How I get my books. […]