My Cloud Storage Solution(s) Could Work For You

I’ve talked a lot about my cloud storage. I don’t use a ton of it, but I do seem to be acquiring it. I thought it would be easiest to post a list of what I use – as well as links for you to sign up (and referral links that benefit BOTH of us).
Right now Box is my 500 lb. gorilla with SkyDrive close behind. Honestly, with those two I probably don’t need the others. But I’ll keep them. I store different things in different services, all segmented, which helps me keep it straight.

  • Dropbox – 7.75 GB – Sign up here for an extra 500 MB.
    • My primary use: Photos
    • 2 GB Free
    • 500 MB additional using the referral link above (referrer gets 500 MB too)
    • Additional promotions have helped me get my storage up – including a promotion for 500 MB of free space for every 500 MB of photos you auto upload with a new feature. So watch for those.
  • Box – 50 GB – Sign up here.
    • My primary use: TBD
    • 5 GB Free for new signups
    • Referral program for people at your work (same domain on the email address)
    • Ran a promotion for a free upgrade to 50 GB if you use the mobile apps (not currently running)
  • SugarSync – 5.78 GB – Sign up here for an extra 500 MB.
    My primary use: TBD

    • 5 GB for signing up
    • 500 MB additional using the referral link (referrer gets 500 MB too)
    • 125 MB for each of 6 simple tasks you complete. And I mean SIMPLE
    • 2 GB just for emailing 20 friends a referral link
  • SkyDrive – 25 GB – Sign up here.
    • Primary use: TBD
    • 5 GB for singing up
    • 20 GB additional as a free promo right now – just click a link
    • No referral program
  • Google Drive – 5 GB – Sign up here.
    My primary use: Docs & Spreadsheets

    • 5 GB Free
    • Unlimited storage for Google Docs files
    • No referral program
  • Amazon – 20 GB – Sign up here.
    My primary use: Music

    • 5 GB Free
    • Additional 15 GB for buying an album (not sure if this is going on still) Costs $20/year after promo period
    • 20 GB paid comes with unlimited space for music. Including music you upload

All of the above (except Amazon) work with a new service called otixo that unifies everything into one site and allows drag and drop between services. You can also set it up as a drive on your Mac or Windows machine with each service showing as a folder.  It’s the solution I’ve been looking for to unify my cloud storage.
There are bandwidth restrictions, but I don’t use cloud as my primary storage – only to access key files on the go. I’ve only been using it a couple of days but I already love it.
Your results may vary. More than happy to have a discussion on Twitter with anyone who wants more info/details.

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