Love It – Samba Room for Cuban Food

After a VERY long and difficult day at work on Tuesday, some friends of ours asked us to go to dinner with them at Samba Room in Denver.  Of course, we’re always up for new food, so we obliged.
Samba Room is downtown in LoDo and shares valet parking with Capital Grille (though you have to pay $15 to valet at Samba Room, Capital Grille is free).
It was a Tuesday, so we were seated promptly next to a window – but it was FREEZING in that area, so we asked to be moved.  They moved us upstairs which was literally 10 degrees warmer.  Our server was a little slow, but not so much that it impaired our ability to have a nice evening.
The menu is fairly limited, but there’s a little something for everyone there.  I had a skirt steak (they couldn’t really describe what “medium-rare” meant for them, but it was decent).
The highlight of the evening, especially after a long day, was the mango puree mojito.  I had a couple of those with dinner, then we moved down to the bar and I tried their pineapple mojito – I highly recommend both if you enjoy a good mojito.
The atmosphere was great, the food delicious and drinks amazing.
Samba Room Pros:

  • Modern Cuban menu
  • Delicious food
  • Enjoyable atmosphere
  • Great drinks
  • Convenient location
  • Free wifi

Samba Room Cons:

  • Variable temperature depending on where you sit in the restaurant
  • Limited menu (but acceptable for us)
  • Somewhat slow service.

Samba Room
1460 Larimer Street
Denver CO 80202
(720) 956-1701

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