iOS5 Showdown: Twitter vs. Tweetdeck et. al.

As I begin to examine the impact the changes to iOS5 will have on my behavior with my iPhone and iPad, I’ve decided to do it in the form of the app I use today vs. the new app Apple would apparently like me to replace it with.  First up: My mobile Tweeting loyalties.

As you can probably assume from the graphic above, when it comes to taking Twitter mobile I’ve been like the class slut in high school. I’ve tried a little bit of everything. I use Hootsuite almost exclusively on my computer – the Adobe Air app rocks and when I’m at work and can’t install apps (strict rules) I can just use the browser based version.

When I had my Android phone(s) I used Seesmic for a while, then switched to Tweetcaster Pro almost exclusively. It’s a fantastic app and did everything I needed (auto-complete names – yay!). After going back to the iPhone this winter, I’ve tried them all – including Twitter.  Right now, none of them do everything I want – and it drives me crazy.

The official Twitter app has push notifications – which is great. I like to stay in the know on DM’s and @replies. But it doesn’t handle multiple accounts or lists well at all. Both Tweetdeck and Hootsuite handle lists great – I especially like the recent improvements to Tweetdeck. Though Hootsuite handles multiple accounts better. Both also have native iPad versions (also a must). Seesmic seems to be the most stable. And in fairness, Tweetcaster Pro was a little late to the iOS party so I haven’t used it enough. But none of them have push.

So this one would be a toss up if any of the above opted into the Notification Center… I could go with any of them (likely Tweetcaster Pro). BUT there is one other big drawback. None of them – not even the Twitter app – are currently integrated system wide.  I have to open the app to tweet a photo, link, etc. And it’s a pain.

On my Android devices both Twitter and Facebook were integrated seamlessly. You could post and share from almost any app. I have REALLY missed that from iOS – and honestly, I’d post more content if it were that much easier.

Given that the Twitter app will have this capability, I declare it the winner. So I’ll switch – more or less 100% – back to the official Twitter app. I will, however, be watching to see what Twitter does with Tweetdeck (please don’t ruin it!) If Tweetdeck becomes a “pro” version of Twitter and functions with the embedded Twitter links, I’ll switch to that hands down.
For now the winner is:

The ability to easily share content from anywhere within the OS just wins. Hands down.

Watch for my second showdown later today: Kindle vs. iBooks

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  1. Seriously, you are like a mac guru…I use Tweetdeck and get very frustrated. Can’t get it to work properly at all from my iPhone. I shall go back to Twitter at your suggestion. Blog on…

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