How Apple's OS Announcements Will Change My World

I’ve come to accept that most of what transpires in my life – products, services, communication – touches one of 3 companies: Google, Amazon or Apple. More often than not, the three companies overlap and I have to choose – or be fragmented. Apple has taken a significant step at commandeering a bigger portion of the pie in my life.
Here’s the rundown:
Mac OS X Lion
While this probably has the fewest impacts – I’m already a die hard Mac user – but the changes coming with Lion make one major difference for me. The only thing I could think of through the entire presentation was”iPad integration.”  I regularly use LogMeIn Ignition to connect my iPad to my laptop at home. While a lot of tasks are great, the “mouse” interaction isn’t. With Lion optimizing every program for full screen use, and adding enhanced gestures, it gives LogMeIn the opportunity to mirror those gestures. I would simply do them on the touchscreen of my iPad instead of the trackpad on my Mac.  The entire experience should be overwhelmingly better.

iOS 5
Most of the features in iOS 5 are convenience features. I already have an iPhone and iPad – having switched back from Android this year when Verizon finally go the iPhone.  What I’ve missed from Android is (mostly) coming to iOS 5. Better Notifications. Weather and stock widgets (would love more). Twitter integration. If anything, iOS 5 just brings me to a world of fewer regrets with the iPhone.

iCloud will pose a lot of challenges for me. Is it everything I want it to be? No. Does it go a long way toward simplifying my life? Absolutely. Apple is taking steps to integrate cloud services seamlessly into their apps and OS. I don’t know how many times Jobs said “it just works.”  Yes, we’ve heard that before from him on multiple occasions and sometimes he was right and sometimes, well, not so much (MobileMe anyone?). Overall I’m excited about what it brings to the table. We’re moving to the cloud, like it or not.
I have a lot more to say on each of these – including some app vs app showdowns that will change the way I manage my life – but rather than ramble on in a lengthy post, I’ll follow up with separate posts of interest. For now, suffice it to say that this Apple Fanboy is excited about what’s to come in July with OS X Lion and this fall with iOS 5 and iCloud.

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