Hate It – MicroCenter

I go back and forth on Micro Center.  While I love that they have individual computer components and decent prices, there’s just so much I loathe about them, it doesn’t outweigh the good.
Case in point – I did their new “buy online, pick up in store, ready in 18 minutes” yesterday.  I just needed a hard drive for a case we have at home, and thought it would be quick.  Checkout was easy, the price was comparable to other web sites – but when I got to the store, I couldn’t believe their poor execution.
I actually had to stand in line with the computer repairs, exchanges and returns.  So I was all prepped for this great experience, and suddenly – I’m stuck in a land of negativity (and a 20 minute wait to pick up my merchandise.
On top of that, they’re just not Fry’s .  And I’m so used to Fry’s from San Diego it’s hard to compare.
  • Good prices
  • Decent selection
  • Computer parts no one else carries
  • Disorganized store
  • Difficult to get help
  • Buy Online/Pick Up In Store Cumbersome
  • Spotty Mac selection
  • Inconvenient locations

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