Getting Lost in a Mystical Place

Sometimes when you do what I do you find yourself somewhere absolutely breathtaking.  I always try to capture it on film if possible, and sometimes I’m successful.  I think this was one time when I was definitely successful and wanted to share it with you.  This place won’t exist like this for another ~100 years given the rare weather conditions that have to happen to make this effect.

What you’re looking at isn’t a lake. It’s a salt flat with about 2″ of water over the top.  It migrates across the flat with the wind going bone dry in the late evening and fully wet every morning. It was truly breathtaking to be here for work of all things – and the people I was with made it even more enjoyable.  I’ll post the TV spot we shot here when it’s available (mid-February).

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One Response

  1. This place and photo are absolutely magnificent! I cannot wait to see the TV spot, but this looks like a great place to just sit and think and enjoy life.

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