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Update on the MG

I totally forgot to post this – even though I have a Picasa & Flickr album up for the thing.  I spent a week or so in early August home in Iowa working on the MG Midget with my brother. We got it SO CLOSE – almost close enough to bring back to Denver.  But… when we were testing the brakes, the master cylinder popped it’s seals and *poof* no rear brakes.  Front ones worked so we drove it around a bit, but it’s still in Iowa.  Hoping to get the brakes done and bring it back here soon.  Here are a few pics once we got it out of the driveway.

For those keeping score at home, we’ve made a lot of progress:
  • New Wheels & Tires
  • Paint/Body Work Done
  • Carpet installed
  • Gas tank installed
  • New seats installed
  • Windshield installed
  • Trunk carpet installed
  • Lights rewired & finished
  • New Dash Cover installed
Remaining to do:
  • Finish Top (got part way done but were missing snaps, so had to stop)
  • Finalize stereo install (part way done, but need a new center console)
  • Fix Brakes (top on the list)
  • Door panels (tricky with the windows/etc.)
  • Tune Engine
That’s really it.  So close, yet so far away (darn brakes).  More to come when it’s complete!