Welcome to the blog!

After being forcibly relocated to Denver just over 2 years ago (translation: job relocation), we’ve found a lot of things we really hate about living in Colorado.  A lot.  So we started actively looking for things we LIKE about living in Colorado. The more we talk to people, the more we realize that Colorado seems […]

New info on my car color.

So apparently “Barbera Red” on my new car is not a reference to a cult movie classic or former first lady (obviously), but instead it’s a booze reference. Yes, shocking as it may seem, I subconsciously chose the color for my new car based on a variety of grape used to make wine. I’d never […]

Barak'Rolled at the RNC

Sometimes I love the digital age… this is a cunning piece of editing, if I do say so myself.  I bet the RNC is wishing no one ever got video of their raw blue screen behind McCain where they projected all those patriotic images (and one random image that looked like one of McCain’s houses).

What the heck?

So Microsoft’s new ad campaign for Vista launched… here’s the video: Their ad agency says: Today, we are kicking off a highly visible advertising campaign. The first phase of this campaign is designed to engage consumers and spark a new conversation about Windows – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always […]

New Car

While I’m on the car thing, we went up to Gebhardt BMW this weekend to get a “pre-turn in estimate” on my car for wear and tear.  Overall, it came out pretty good. Ding in the rear bumper where someone tapped me WAY too hard – $400 Scrapes on 3 of the alloy wheels – […]

Update on the MG

I totally forgot to post this – even though I have a Picasa & Flickr album up for the thing.  I spent a week or so in early August home in Iowa working on the MG Midget with my brother. We got it SO CLOSE – almost close enough to bring back to Denver.  But… […]

Back from the body shop!

My brother called the other day to say he was picking up the car from the body shop. There were some issues with the fuel lines/gas tank ($249.99 later a new gas tank is en route to my brother to replace it). I’m so excited seeing these camera phone pics he sent over. The body […]

Fun Times Cancelling Vonage

I’ve been a Vonage customer since 2004 – and it served me well when I traveled internationally (softphone saved a LOT on int’l roaming charges) and was at home enough to, well, use a home phone. But times have changed. I have 2 cell phones, one with totally unlimited minutes, text, web, etc. and rarely […]

1974 MG – Body Work Nearly Done

Got a camera phone pic from my brother last night. It appears the body work is nearly done on the MG – they just have to put the fenders back on (you can see them in the back waiting patiently). From there, it’s on to the interior, top, tires/wheels and fine tuning and then it […]

The Neverending Car Restoration

I haven’t posted in a while, but figured I should. The image to the left is auto paint on a piece of metal – ahead of a full repaint of a car. But I should back up. In 1991 I bought a 1974 MG Midget for $2300. I actually got a loan for it (kind […]