The Chipotle Cat Gaffe

While I’m very tempted to write my own blog post on this topic, I can’t really do it any more justice than was already done at So Good Blog. If you haven’t heard of this, count yourself lucky.  But I think it’s worth a read as a case study. The short of it is: A […]

Indulging a Seasonal Guilty Pleasure – The McRib

Oh yeah. The McRib is back baby. And I’m having one RIGHT NOW. I have very few guilty pleasures… Desperate Housewives. Millionaire Matchmaker. Vodka. But the McRib is near the top of the list. Honestly, I don’t know how I resisted this long. I’ve been busy I guess – lots going on.  To help emphasize what a […]

Narrow Views of Problems Drive Me Crazy

I’m in the airport in San Diego right now – and the girl beside me was just typing away in her Keller School of Management forum about taxes. I couldn’t help but read over her shoulder (don’t like it? Get a privacy filter). The gist of her question she was posing (back to her professor) […]

On Loss, Life & Learning – 8 Things Jason Schippers Taught Me

It’s  been just shy of 2 weeks now since Jason died (yes, I say died – as a good friend put it, he didn’t “pass away.” That’s too passive. He went kicking and screaming). And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking; Sharing some here, sharing some with people in person and some only with […]

Unbearable Grief and Overwhelming Love

I’ve been fortunate in my nearly 40 years to have never truly experienced the phenomenon of emotional pain manifesting itself as physical pain. Until this week. Unbearable Grief When Jason died on Sunday, I found myself first, at a loss for words. And second, clinging to a woman I’d met just 3 hours earlier who […]

The Measure of a Man

There’s a lot of debate in the world about how you measure a man – number of friends? Wealth? Influence? Power? No one seems to really land on the right measure. For me, knowing one man for the last 4 years has definitively answered that question. My friend Jason Schippers died on Sunday. He was […]

MG Update

Just got off the phone with my brother, who you’ll remember is restoring my 1974 MG Midget for me.  (I have helped, btu he’s done 90% of the work). We’re getting close!  It might be ready to come to Colorado by June 1!  On the docket to get it complete: Front brakes need replaced (in […]

Love It – Samba Room for Cuban Food

After a VERY long and difficult day at work on Tuesday, some friends of ours asked us to go to dinner with them at Samba Room in Denver.  Of course, we’re always up for new food, so we obliged. Samba Room is downtown in LoDo and shares valet parking with Capital Grille (though you have […]

Love It – Cherry Tomato

One of our biggest issues when we got to Denver was the propensity of chain restaurants – and peoples’ willingness to eat in them – and what seemed like a lack of unique, local, neighborhood restaurants. We stumbled upon The Cherry Tomato and have been there at least once a month ever since. The Cherry […]

Hate It – MicroCenter

I go back and forth on Micro Center.  While I love that they have individual computer components and decent prices, there’s just so much I loathe about them, it doesn’t outweigh the good. Case in point – I did their new “buy online, pick up in store, ready in 18 minutes” yesterday.  I just needed […]