How I Eliminated $5000/year in Spending in One Afternoon

It seems that at the end of every year I do two things: I go through my email and unsubscribe from a bunch of promotional newsletters I never buy from I take a look at all of the recurring monthly charges in my accounts and eliminate as many as possible This year was no exception. […]

A Lost Opportunity to Demonstrate Brand Personality

I order a lot from Amazon. A LOT. I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber so I don’t hesitate to order 1 tube of toothpaste on Monday and a roll of tape on Thursday and have them all shipped 2nd-day air to me.  Most days, Amazon exceeds my expectations. 2-day shipments often come in 1 day. I […]

I Knew This Kid… (poem)

I was browsing through Facebook today and saw a post from Shelly Kramer that made me think of  a poem I found in high school and kept in a notebook… then eventually transferred to a Word doc.. and I’ve had it on my computer(s) since college. It always along for the ride whenever I upgrade. I’ve […]

RESULTS: My Salad in a Jar Experiment

As I sit here eating my 7th salad-in-a-jar I realized I haven’t updated anyone on the results! So here goes: Recap: On 7/1 I made 5 salads in jars, based on reading blog posts here and here. The theory is that you can make your lunch for the week on Sunday and have a self-contained […]

My Salad In a Jar Experiment

A few weeks ago I noticed some blog posts here and here about making salad in a mason jar – and having it last all week without spoiling or getting soggy. I was intrigued. During the work week, salad is one of my default lunches. I eat it a lot. And I can spend anywhere […]

5 Lessons An Emergency Hospital Stay Taught Me About Social Media

Tuesday the 6th I woke up at 11:30 with a slight pain in my abdomen. 5 hours later it was an intense pain that felt like someone was stabbing my under the rib cage and twisting the knife. So off we went to the ER at 4:30 in the morning where I learned I was […]

Demystifying (My) Lipomas

Since I was diagnosed with lipomas in the fall of 2010, I’ve had to make some major lifestyle changes in things like hair care products and, most drastically, foods I can eat. Every once in a while a question comes up i.e. “Why aren’t you having any edamame? You love the stuff!” or “Why can’t […]

That Moment When All Your Priorities Change

I’ve debated writing this post for over a year. Almost 2 years now. It’s something I’ve only shared with a few people. Ever. And something I didn’t think I’d post or talk about publicly. Three things changed my mind. 1. My good friend Erika wrote a piece for Change This called “The Shattering.” She talks […]

My Cloud Storage Solution(s) Could Work For You

I’ve talked a lot about my cloud storage. I don’t use a ton of it, but I do seem to be acquiring it. I thought it would be easiest to post a list of what I use – as well as links for you to sign up (and referral links that benefit BOTH of us). […]

Why I'm Going Back to An Actual Kindle

I used to have an original Kindle (my Dad still uses it actually). It was an amazing piece of technology and went with me everywhere. And at the time, I traveled a lot.  Then I got an iPad. And the tech in my bag started to become cumbersome to carry on my shoulder for 100,000+ […]